Building a Foundational Security Operations Model for Colleges – Recommendations

Colleges and universities are prime targets for threat actors due to the volume and wide range of data types. And the numbers prove it – There have been 62 reported breaches at educational institutions in 2017 alone, that’s a 106% increase from April 2016¹.

Today’s threat actors are more persistent and creative than ever. While anti-virus and firewalls are a good start, an effective information security program built on 4 key areas: Strategy, People, Process and Technology can protect your employees and students from data theft and your college from incidents, breaches and disruption of services.

Michael Musick, Senior Manager, Sales Engineer for Public Sector SecureWorks, will share recommendations how to implement the 4 key areas of building a strong cybersecurity operations foundation. He’ll also explain importance of incident response when building out the Process phase of your security program.

¹Identify Theft Resource Center, April 11 2017

Presented by: Michael Musick – Senior Manager, Sales Engineer Public Sector, SecureWorks

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 3:30 to 4:20, room S424

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