Cisco Spark – A Digital Platform Bringing Collaboration EVERYWHERE Students Want To Be

Cisco Spark revolutionizes education. Students are seeking learning institutions that are transforming, and advancing the way knowledge is received, delivered, and the tools to allow them to ‘be the best they can be’. Cisco solutions with the support of Long View programs are helping young minds communicate, share ideas, and achieve the results they need to achieve. In this session, we consider the power of Cisco collaboration products integrate with your Learning Management Systems so that students and professors can now enhance their WebEx and collaboration experience by continuing WebEx conversations in Spark rooms, which they can easily access from their personal devices. Be it for office hours, study groups or in-between class discussions, Cisco Spark brings together all course communications into one application

Colleges across Canada and in many countries around the globe, are struggling to deliver compelling, ultimate learning experiences to their students. Faced with the demands and ever-shrinking budgets, these institutions must balance cost with educator, parents and student expectations to create a learning environment conducive to advance and achieve. Providing the tools that support and draw new students, particularly international students seeking the ‘experience of education’ not just attending a classroom setting ‘changes the game’ and the perception of what education offers. At the same time, digitization is touching everyone. For faculty, professors and coaches this is integral in delivery and setting up their students for future success. True educators want holistic, seamless solutions to help deliver content in the classroom and options for delivering outside the classroom. Decision makers want solutions that will enable them to fully digitize, enable their students, meet the long term goals of the learning institution while increasing efficiency and controlling costs

Presented by:  In partnership with Roger Fitch the CIO of Fleming College, the Cisco education team along with Long View Systems we will discuss and demonstrate this powerful suite of products

Scheduled:  Thursday, May 18, 10:15 – 11:05, room S324

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