Integrating Agile Project Management with Lean Six Sigma and Scrum

  1. Brief Intro to Agile, Lean Six Sigma and Scrum
  2. Differences Between Agile, Lean, Six Sigma
  3. What is Agile and Scrum Methodology
  4. Why Agile is Not Enough
  5. Can Scrum Support Six Sigma?
  6. Lean vs. Agile: What’s the Difference?
  7. How Agile and Six Sigma Can Work Together
  8. Integrating Lean Six Sigma with Agile and Scrum
  9. Kanban For Agile Teams
  10. Process improvement through integrated improvement concepts

Presented by:  Ausim Mobeen – Programmer Analyst, Sheridan College

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 3:30 – 4:20, room S420