Sarah Prevette – Keynote Speaker

Sarah PrevetteSARAH PREVETTE  “Entrepreneurs possess common traits: they see opportunities in challenges, are unfailingly resourceful, and can creatively problem-solve on the fly. They are also confident in their personal capacity to affect change and are passionate about their individual pursuits,” says Sarah Prevette. “With Future Design School, we want to inspire this kind of entrepreneurial philosophy at an early age. We want to teach a repeatable process of ideation, validation, and rapid execution so that all kids are confident in their ability to innovate.”

In this inspiring, future-forward talk, Prevette shares the tactics she and the team behind Future Design School use to teach kids ages 11-18 crucial skills like innovation, creativity, problem-solving, and product design. Why is it important to share “design thinking” and a entrepreneurial mindset with kids? How can you bring this message into your school or classroom? And what does this all say about the future of education—and the future of our planet? Prevette tackles these challenging questions with aplomb, leaving audiences with the energy and know-how to get out there and start making change.