Securing the Saas Sprawl: Why Software-as-a-Service Drives Agility and Innovation But is a Major Risk to Everything and Everyone!

Software-as-a-Service is a major driver of business agility and innovation. Cloud-based services, like gmail and google apps, github, and dropbox have become pervasive in professional and private online life. It’s not uncommon to find hundreds SaaS applications running in a single organization, spanning from very broad capabilities like email and file storage, to very specific applications that solve very niche, one-off problems, often requiring only a need and a credit-card. And while security and privacy risks are obvious, the sprawl of SaaS applications continues almost unabated. This talk will look at some of the rewards and challenges with SaaS, and how to take back control.

Presented by:

  • Victor Tavares – Sr. Manager, Systems Engineering, Palo Alto Networks
  • TBD – Teramach

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 11:10 – 12:00, room S424