Seneca’s Solution For New OSAP Net Tuition Billing

With OSAP changing its process around disbursement of funding to students, Seneca is in the process of designing a PeopleSoft Financial Aid system which will meet the following 3 goals outlined by the ministry to make it easier for students to understand: the fee that the students owe to their school, the amount of OSAP aid that will be applied against the student’s account, their net tuition. This session will demonstrate the changes required to process the new Expected OSAP funding file, as well as the changes to our internal scholarship and bursary application system. At this time only current students are able to apply for Seneca scholarships and bursaries through the financial aid application. This enhancement will open up the online application site to applicants allowing them to request Financial aid prior to enrollment in classes. The self service will allow applicants to make an informed decision based on the their net tuition information.

Presented by:

  • Michael Cunningham – Senior Systems Analyst, Seneca College
  • Joanna Tomon – Sr. Programmer Analyst, Seneca College

Scheduled:  Thursday, May 18, 10:15 – 11:05, room S322

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Net Tuition Presenation Final