Software2 “MyApps” Application Streaming

Seneca College would like to present on our experience with Software2 Application streaming. We’ve been piloting Software2 since September 2016 and have branded it as Seneca College “MyApps”. We would like to share our experience with the Pilot which includes student and faculty feedback. We would also talk about the challenges we faced and how we overcame those. In addition to that, we will give a lot of valuable feedback and advice to other colleges who would like to implement or Pilot Software2. Topics to be covered are below

  1. Infrastructure Considerations
  2. Installing and Administering the Servers
  3. Package Applications
  4. Marketing and Promoting the software
  5. Deepfreeze considerations
  6. To Cache or not to Cache
  7. Challenges and Recommendations

Presented by:

  • Jason Cousins – Manager Technical Support, Seneca College
  • Jason Pang – Technical Specialist, Seneca College
  • George Michailidis – Technical Specialist, Seneca College
  • Jithin Sebastian – Technical Specialist, Seneca College

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 3:30 – 4:20, room S207