Successes and Challenges of Supporting a Data Warehouse

Like many systems, managing a complete reporting environment presents many challenges. We are driven by internal and external business processes that may change at any period of time, system upgrades and as well, introductions of new sources of data that are required by our clients. This may affect the architecture and design, not withstanding our IT activities, on such things as performance, troubleshooting, design, refresh rates, priorities and deliverables.

Join this session to share and discuss lessons learned, give pointers on troubleshooting the many challenges on both the functional and technical aspect of managing a Data Warehouse.

Presented by:

  • Waqar Afzal – Decisions Support Lead Analyst, Centennial College
  • Amir Saleem – Database Administrator, Centennial College

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 1:55 – 2:45, room S322

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Successes and Challenges of Supporting a Data Warehouse V2