ThinkAgile Azure Stack Offering from Lenovo – Introduction to Customer Value

  • Azure is a scalable cloud platform with computing, networking, storage, database, and management, along with advanced services such as analytics, and comprehensive solutions such as Enterprise Mobility Suite.
  • Azure Stack is a hybrid cloud software platform that enables you to deliver Azure services from your own datacenter.
  • Azure Stack offers customers cloud services, yet enables customers to maintain control of their data center. Azure Stack empowers developers to write cloud-first (elastic) apps using on-premises deployments of Azure services, using the same self-service experience as Azure.
  • Lenovo’s product offering in this area provides end-to-end engineering and validation to provide the resiliency, stability, and high performance needed to support high velocity iterations of cloud and application services.

This session will review the current capabilities planned for the Azure Stack software offering from Microsoft and how this would interact with the public Azure offering. Additionally the appliance packaging from Lenovo provides customer’s simple and scalable deployment and support for the infrastructure.

Presented by:  Phillip Searles – Consulting Technical Sales Specialist, Lenovo

Scheduled:  Thursday, May 18, 11:10 – 12:00, room S202