Your Cloud, Your Way

We have all heard for years that the rate of change in IT is accelerating, that the move to cloud is unstoppable, and that those who don’t adapt to these changes will be left adrift technically. In a world with fixed budgets, overloaded people, and more projects than time, join me in exploring a “Go to cloud” strategy that is on your own terms.

This Presentation will:

  • Explore how the cloud has evolved, how it is solving business needs today and what’s in store for the future
  • The challenges facing the business and educational sectors that could be preventing or slowing the adoption into these new technologies
  • Present a new “Your Cloud, Your Way” model that looks to address these challenges
  • Finally, discuss the Supra ITS and OCAS advantage in delivering managed cloud solutions

Presented by:  Justin Folkerts – CTO, Supra ITS

Scheduled:  Wednesday, May 17, 1:55 – 2:45, room S301